1. What is the best browser to use ShipGateway?
    Google Chrome is the best compatible browser when using ShipGateway. If you encounter any issue please try to refresh your web page by press Ctrl + F5 at same time. Also please allow popups and cookies from ShipGateway.

2. Why my broswer doesn't popup windows after I click print icon ?
    At the top right of Chrome browser, click More.
    Click Settings.
    At the bottom, click Advance.
    Under "Privacy and security", click Site settings.
    Click Pop-ups and redirects.
    Under "Allow", Add https://www.shipgateway.com.

3. Why labels are not display immediately?
    When you submit an order, our system interact with the carriers to get your label. Please wait for 10 seconds to one single label. It may take longer when you make multi-packages shipments. So please wait minutes to see your labels if you make batch printing.